Friday, May 25, 2012

Talking Yams

I found some talking yams in my living room and they started a book club that we're having this summer!

Reading together a thousand miles from home!

Read with children a thousand miles away from home! The Sesame Workshop and the Nokia Research Center are in the process of creating a brand new technology that lets children read and connect to loved ones away from home. Story Visit combines video conferencing and connected story books, the child and adult turn the page at the same time. If the child points to something on his screen, the grown-up can see that on her screen too. Now families can read stories together even when they can't be in the same place.
 Right now, Story Visit is still under development, but users are invited to participate in the beta version to improve the software. Visit the website for more information.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Check out two awesome video contests!

Make a Movie. Make a Difference.

Take a Shot film competition is back! This year the contest, aimed at middle and high-schoolers, asks teens about something in Pittsburgh that has changed the world or how they can change the world. PopCity announced that the contest has returned for its second year, this time with $10,000 dollars to award to winning films.

Encourage your teen patrons to pick up a video or Flip camera and start filming! Not only did Pittsburgh change the world with the polio vaccine, but it also produced the country's library champion, Andrew Carnegie (what a great film topic!).

Not only are there video contest opportunities for teens, but there is a great one for librarians!

How are YOU handling the digital lives of tweens and teens at your library? The 2012 President's program at ALA Annual is a joint program between ALSC and YALSA, and is focused on the use of technology by teens and tweens. Create a short video about a program or experience with teens and technology. All entrants will be eligible for a $100 Amazon gift card and the winning videos will be shown at 2012 ALA Annual.

For more information and submission guidelines visit the ALSC blog post, "Check out the ALSC/YALSA video contest!"